Friday, December 21, 2007

"I will touch your children"

I occasionally have a weird fascination with watching Christian programming on TV. I equate it with watching horror movies.

Tonight I tuned in Benny Hinn's talk show, and he's hosting some slick, pompadoured, dyed-hair old man named Steve Munsey. Ol' Steve is talking up a storm, amen, and he's just noise in the background, paraphrasing some bible story about a dying kid's mother feeding the propet Elijah the boy's last meal, while I poke around online, but I did hear some of it. And what I heard made me do a mental double take.

Not once, not twice, but three times, this guy says "I will touch your children."

Does this dude not read the news?? Is he completely naive? What is the very first thing almost anyone who isn't a monk cloistered on a mountaintop is going to think when they hear those words spoken by a preacher?



Pherenike said...

eeuuuwww, freaky, stay away from those show!

Patti said...

LOL, good advice, pherenike (cool name...what's it mean?). Those shows are like car wrecks for me. There's a kind of sick curiosity they hold for me. They're not unlike the silly American wrestling shows (WWE) where guys with muscles in their ears toss each other around like rag dolls and then strut around the stage working the crowd into a frenzy.

I checked out your blog....beautiful!! You've got some gorgeous imagery on there. I'll have to go back and read some of it later...but I'm still at work, so I better get back to it! :-)